Ohio State Inbounds Plays

Here are two out-of-bounds plays we run. The first, which we call “Buckeye,” is taken from watching Thad Matta run it at Ohio State. We developed the second from the first and called it “Ohio,” so that we would have a companion play to run with Buckeye.


When the ball is handed to 4, 5 cuts hard to the corner. 4 passes to 5. On the pass to 5, 2 moves to the ball-side wing.




DIAGRAM 2: 5 passes to 2. On the pass, 1 screens down for 4. 4 cuts up the lane toward the ball. If 4 is open, 2 passes to 4.




DIAGRAM 3: 5 screens for 1. If 2 has not passed to 4, 4 passes to 1 in the corner. 1 takes the shot if open or passes to 5 in the post after 5 has posted hard after setting the screen.






DIAGRAM 4: When the ball is handed to 4, 5 sets his or her defender and cuts out to the corner. 4 passes to 5. On the pass to 5, 2 cuts hard using 1 as a screen.


osu-basketball-plays5DIAGRAM 5:

When 5 makes the pass to 2, 1 screens down for 4. 4 uses the screen and cuts hard to the point. As 4 comes open, 2 passes to 4. On the pass, 5 moves into the block as if to screen for 1. 3 comes into the lane and does set a screen. 1 uses 3’s screen to cut toward the opposite corner.


osu-basketball-plays6DIAGRAM 6: On the pass from 4 to 1, 3 sets a cross screen for 5. 1 may be open for the shot or 1 feeds 5 flashing across the lane. If 5 is not open, 1 looks for 3, who receives a down screen from 4. 3 may have a shot or 3 pauses and starts the half-court offense

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