Tom Izzo Matchup Zone Defense

Posted by Creighton Burns–Coaching Basketball.

In this post, I have some diagrams on notes on a few of the principles and drills that Tom Izzo has used in the Michigan State matchup zone defense.









4, 5 are post buddies, and work together.









msumatchup2Slides for defending the High Post Entry










msumatchup3Slides for guarding Point to wing dribble










msumatchup4Drill: Skip pass: Offensive players skip the ball around and the defenders must jump to the ball, and try to stop the dribble penetration. If two players arrive at the same time, trap.








msumatchup5Fire: any time a offensive player turns his back, trap the dribbler.









msumatchup6vs. Overload- Fire in corner










msumatchup7Guard Breakdown: 3 on 3, start with no cutters and build up.








msumatchup8Post Breakdown- post players are tandem, and work together on close-outs and fronting.







msumatchup9Weak-side cut, bump and find the replacement player.

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