Favorite Basketball Coaching Tweets

Twitter is one of my favorite places to find short bytes to share with our players and to read thoughts from great coaches. I have put together a large collection, and wanted to share some of them with you. I hope you find several that fit your situation and that you can share with your players. Some of these were contained in the tweets, some I found by following the links in the tweet.

Too often you see teammates not hold one another accountable. Want to be best friends or do you want to win?

Defensive transition:
Get to paint.
Stop the ball.
Find the ball.
Find a man.
You Can’t have a my-man mentality.

“If they don’t have a winning attitude, I don’t want them.” – Bear Bryant
Attitude is everything, on and especially OFF the playing field!

— Train harder.
— Run faster.
— Aim higher.
— Be stronger.
— Play tougher.


“They’re hard workers, and they have great attitudes. If you have those characteristics, you always have a chance 2 get better”

“No one is bigger than the team. If you can’t do things our way, you’re not getting time here And we don’t care who you are.” -Gregg Popovich

Bad Players ‘Fight’ their role…
Good Players ‘Accept’ their role…
GREAT Players DOMINATE their role.

“The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” – Norman Vincent Peale

“When a big talent is prepared, he can dominate; if he’s lacking in preparation, he’ll drift back to the pack.” – Bill Parcells


It was important to know how to treat each player because the players were not all alike. If I was critical of one, he might go downhill for the rest of practice. After criticizing him, I tried to find a reason to praise him, although it wouldn’t be false praise. At best false praise results in short-term benefits. How are work ethic and self-esteem enhanced through false praise? They aren’t. I waited until he did something well, even if it mean waiting for days. It wasn’t good teaching to allow mistakes to go uncorrected.

Some players responded to my criticism by getting angry and playing better. Each player responded differently. It was up to me to find out the best way to deal with each on an individual basis.

During my one-on-one meetings with the players I asked each one if it would bother him if I criticized him in front of his teammates. I told him that if it would, I could bring him to the office after practice and do it. Waiting until after practice to criticize wouldn’t have been as effective, of course, but it was an option. I can’t recall any player’s choosing to do it that way.

We certainly didn’t want our players to criticize a teammate for making a mistake. One of the major elements of our team-building effort was an understanding that the players support one another. This was part of our cast-the-first-stone theory.

Of course, it’s just as important to praise as it is to criticize. We were careful in practice to praise unselfish acts, good execution, and effort. Praise behavior you want to see repeated. Positive reinforcement is crucial to team building.

Every Saturday, Bill Parcells would post memos on his players’ lockers. One read: “What will you do to help us win?

Winners compete. Losers complain.

Nobody Watching
Empty Stands
Just You
This is where champions are made.
Hard Work!

Championships are not won on paper or in the media. They are won in the hearts and minds of a real team that refuses to lose and plays to win.

NO ➔ Shortcuts
NO ➔ Quick fixes
NO ➔ Blaming others
NO ➔ I’ll do tomorrows

5 PLAYERS vs. the ball = Team Defense

“Accountability means following the rules and discipline means enforcing those rules.” -Denny Kuiper

“Focus only on the things you can control”

Win together, lose together, play together, and stay together.

“You got to have the killer instinct. If you don’t, forget about basketball. If you ever wonder if you’ve got it, you ain’t got it.” – Bill Russell

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